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Handstitching a rolled edge on a traditional hair stuffed Victorian chair

Upholstery commissions and bespoke work

Dining chairs | Armchairs | Sofas | Chaise lounges | Stools | Ottomans | Headboards 

“Old empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories always sit there!”

Mehmet Murat ildan, Turkish poet

Chairs are essential to our everyday lives, but do not have to be mundane. Not in the slightest! With some wonderful fabric, skilled craftsmanship and love I can recreate the former elegance of your tired chairs or transform them into something glorious. I work with you to gather your ideas and help with the design. I am fastidious about the detailed craftsmanship of traditional and modern upholstery. 

If you are interested in commissioning a custom-made item, or have furniture that needs reupholstering please, email me with your ideas and requirements. Drawings or photos of your inspiration will really help me understand your vision. Ideas about sizes, fabric, colours, look and feel will also be helpful, as will mood boards. Please see my Custom and Bespoke policy for more information.

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