Purple Pleated Indonesian Ikat | Handstitched lampshade

Purple Pleated Indonesian Ikat | Handstitched lampshade


21.5 cm tall, 26.5 cm across the top, 31.5 cm across the bottom


This checked lampshade is made from an Indonesian sarong. The jaggered pattern is created using ikat, a complex technique where the threads are tie-dyed before weaving. Lined with silk. 


This lampshade seems to be a classic form but the use of Asian fabric and the pop of purple gives a twist on tradition. 


Standard UK fitting, 40W bulb recommended




  • Care instructions

    Standard UK fitting. 

    40W bulb recommended

    Avoid direct light and high humidity

    Be careful not to crush as the fabric will damage easily

  • Fire retardancy

    Treated with a water-based fire-proofing spray. This creates a flame retardant barrier from a non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation.