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24 cm tall, 30 cm across the top, 35 cm across the bottom


This very fine, vintage batik fabric from South East Asia has glorious colours and exquisite patterns. The brushed copper PVC lining bounces light downwards and upwards creating dramatic shards of light. 


Paired here with Eric Michell's oversized French bottle lampbases, the directed light enhances the natural beauty of the green glass, making it glow. For more information about Eric's work please see his website


Can be used as a lampshade or as a ceiling shade​.  Please let me know which so I can include the correct carrier. 




Green and Copper Empire Lampshades | drum lampshade

  • Standard UK fitting

    40W bulb recommended

    Avoid direct light and high humidity

    Be careful not to crush as the PVC backing will dent easily

  • Lined with brushed copper effect backed PVC which is fire retardant in complience with with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries

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